You don’t have to look far to find news of a major data breach these days. Once what was relatively uncommon is now all too common and present on most companies’ priority lists.

Cyber Security is ever-evolving, with cybercriminals always at work trying to find a new way to access your data. If one of these criminals is successful, they can cause havoc to your business your operations within seconds.

With the rise of Cyber Security and the acceleration of its popularity, thanks to COVID competition in the industry has become fierce with many new entrants entering the market.

With this spike in Cyber Security providers, it has both improved the quality of the industry but also created challenges for customers to navigate the world of Cyber Security and to choose the right one for them, that will care about their data and their business as much as they do.

Below we have compiled a list of things to think about when selecting a Cyber Security Provider.


  1. Budget

Traditional Cyber Security is always difficult to budget for. It is often a cumbersome once off cost that affects the cash flow of any business. Resulting in many companies opting to skip it all together putting their whole business at risk. Magix gives a clients more sustainable way to do Cyber Security, providing a subscription model for ongoing Cyber Security services. Removing the difficulty of managing cash flow and providing improved ongoing protection.

  1. A little background research goes a long way

When it comes to any large purchase always do your homework. Cyber Security is no different, if you go in completely blind and rely on the suppliers to educate you, you may walk away with something you didn’t need at a price that you didn’t deserve. We have seen this time and time again with many of clients. We have a more personal approach to our clients, often spending a little more time upfront to better understand your needs and for you to better understand us. Ensuring both parties are comfortable and assured before the process commences.

  1. The cost of switching is more than likely worth it

We are all stressed with a never-ending to-do list, and the last thing you want is to begin the procurement process for a new Cyber Security provider. But deep down inside you know that you are not getting the value you know you should be with your current provider. We don’t promise the process will be a quick one, but we are well acquainted with it and we ensure that we will make it as painless as possible. And at the end of the day, it is a small price to pay knowing that you will sleep soundly at night knowing that your Cyber Security will be one step ahead of the criminals always.

  1. Caution to the newcomers

This stands true for most industries, not to say all newcomers have bad intentions or a sub-par offering, one must just tread carefully when it comes to an unproven approach or service. We have been providing Cyber Security services for more than 18 years, but that doesn’t mean we are not innovative. We have recently launched our most innovative product yet, Pretect. Which is a managed Cyber Security Service, aimed at competing with newcomers and providing clients with a service that is on the fringe of the industry.

  1. Remember what’s at risk

Finally, at the end of the day remember what’s at risk, your data, your business, and your world. If you were to have a breach a lot can change, and we hope this never happens to you. We do not believe in fear-based selling but we do always remind our clients of the importance of Cyber Security. No matter who you choose we always recommend being protected as opposed to not protected at all.


If you want more info on our offering or would want to set up a meeting with an agent please visit our website or send us an email.