CyberSecurity Assessment Services

CyberSecurity Assessment Services

CyberSecurity Assessment Services

Continuous Vulnerability Management (CVM) Services

Traditionally, vulnerability management and pen tests are run as once-off exercises or at lengthy intervals. This approach, besides being cumbersome and expensive, may tick the boxes for compliance, but the principal purpose behind their existence, i.e. to safeguard the organization, is not adequately achieved.

Sentinel Security Portal

Magix Security provides managed services designed to give your organization continuous protection and up-to-date awareness of vulnerabilities, both internal and external, via our online cybersecurity portal: Sentinel. By drawing off a menu of required services Magix, together with the client, select the type and frequency of assessments required for your organization’s cyber security needs in order to ensure the maximum visibility, and maximum return on remediation efforts, to prevent potential security breaches. These services are then delivered for a fixed monthly cost. The results of all assessments and tests are securely stored and accessible to the client via our online Sentinel portal.

Sentinel Security Portal

Expert Review and Commentary

Each month, as your regular tests and checks are completed, a security expert will review the results and compile a personalized report. This report will indicate progress regarding the trend of vulnerabilities detected, any serious conditions we detect will be highlighted with recommendations for remedial action, and our security experts will work together with your internal/outsourced cybersecurity, network and infrastructure resources to ensure maximum impact for your remediation efforts.

Sentinel Vulnerabilities Trend

Security Awareness

It is not enough to monitor and remove vulnerabilities in infrastructure. If your employees and critical service providers are not aware of the dangers posed by cyberattacks, and the means by which they are achieved, then this will remain a continuous point of vulnerability. As part of your continuous vulnerability management, Magix provides phishing campaigns to assess and remediate the current level of security awareness in your organization’s activity. Magix is constantly keeping abreast of the latest attack methods and will advise your organization of preventative action.

Incident Response

Should you have an incident during the month, as a subscriber to our continuous vulnerability management services, you will be entitled to SLA response times of 1 hour for commencement of investigation. Investigations are charged for separately based on a daily rate. Magix will work together with your organization to establish the source of the breach and ensure remediation/workarounds are implemented to avoid a similar incident in future.

Ad Hoc Cybersecurity Assessment Services

If Magix is already providing continuous protection services, and your organization requires additional ad hoc compliance assessments, pen tests, attack-readiness assessments, etc. the cost and effort to achieve these will be greatly reduced due to the wealth of understanding Magix will have built regarding your organization.

For the cost of a once-off assessment, Magix can provide 12 months of continuous protection coupled with specialized skills. We pride ourselves on assisting organizations to not only become compliant, but also to ensure they are continuously doing the best they can to mitigate the risk of a cyber-attack, and all of this for an affordable monthly fee. No minimum contracts, you cancel anytime if you no longer see the value.