User Behaviour Analytics

By understanding the normal behaviour of employees, customers and other 3rd parties, our analytics engines are able to detect and alert on any anomalous behaviour in real-time. This enables organisations to proactively detect and prevent fraudulent activities, and ultimately prevent money from “leaving the building” before it is too late. Fraudsters are masters of manipulating processes and systems to make their transactions seem legitimate, but by analysing behaviour and correlating it with and comparing it to past behaviours, our tools can easily highlight fraudulent behaviours.

Insider Threat Management

The greatest threat an organisation faces in terms of threat management, is a malicious employee that has access to all the relevant data and systems, as well as the means to execute payments or ex-filtrate sensitive data. By monitoring all user activity in real-time and providing real-time alerts in a context aware manner, we empower security and forensics teams to detect, investigate and prevent insider threats in an actionable and easy to use manner.

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