What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

Stop Cybercriminals in their tracks, be proactive about cyber security and compliance.

Cybercriminals either target computer networks and web applications or use these to advance other criminal activities. Magix assesses and manages the cyber threat, giving you visibility of how vulnerable your business is to attack as well as providing you with proactive response, awareness training and prevention services to address attacks when they occur. We also provide governance, risk and compliance services to prevent breach of regulation.

16Years’ Experience in cyber security and compliance.

Nearly two decades of successful cyber security and compliance services.

Vast experience and proven track record
For over 16 years, Magix has successfully been assisting companies to be cyber secure and compliant, whilst demystifying the realm of cyber security.
Flexible solutions and services
One size does not fit all and we pride ourselves on tailoring solutions that best fit the requirement, including flexible ad-hoc or monthly subscription models.
Powerful and complementary technology set
We are continually looking for the most effective technology partners to combat cyber criminals and improve your organisation’s security awareness, prevention and response capabilities.
Cloud or on-premise solutions
Magix services and solutions can be consumed from the cloud or deployed on premise, depending on the preference of the organisation.
Why should you hire us?

How do we bring value to your business?

Tailored Solutions

With our vast cyber security offering, we are able to tailor a solution that best fits the unique requirements of each of our clients.

Full Assessments

Based on your requirements, we test and assess your environment to make the relevant recommendations to correct or strengthen your position, in accordance with industry best practice and with the least amount of effort.

Detect & Prevent

We put systems in place to detect and prevent cybercrime, always keeping in mind the context in which fraudulent transactions are concluded.

Customised Billing

We provide ad-hoc or monthly subscription cybercrime detection and prevention services that are easy to implement and bridge the gap between investigators and the IT platforms they monitor.

Non-invasive to Business

Our solutions are non-invasive, enabling cybercrime investigations and convictions to continue without interrupting operations.

Highlighting Quick Wins

We speed up the cyber threat remediation process by highlighting “quick wins” on susceptible systems, without impacting their performance.

Employee Training

We strengthen your security posture by training your employees to prevent malicious attacks.

Automated Evidence Gathering

We help you continuously enhance your detection and prevention capabilities, by automating evidence gathering, increasing reaction time and managing cyber fraud cases throughout their lifecycle.

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