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Security tests & assessments

Magix provides a range of Security Testing and Assessment services which can be initiated in a variety of the secure development and security management workflows stages. The outcome of these is a comprehensive report that details the findings in the assessed system, application or environment, and provides recommendations for effective improvements and remediations.

  • Penetration tests

  • Web Application Scanning

  • Hardening Review

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Cyberfraud detection & prevention

Magix has been tackling Cyberfraud since 2003, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. Leveraging scalable and flexible software platforms, Magix is able to assist your organisation in the following areas of Cyberfraud management:

  • User Behaviour Analytics

  • Secure Payments

  • Fraud Alerting & Case Management

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Governance, Risk, & Compliance

With so many international regulations and compliance requirements governing the secure handling of data managed by organisations, you need to choose a partner that has the experience and expertise to best guide you on this path. By leveraging strategic partnerships, Magix has the expertise and scalability to deliver world-class compliance services in the following areas:


  • AML Compliance

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