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Regular scans to holistically detect any potential vulnerabilities and maintain protection.

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Regular Scans
Vulnerability Identification
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Magix CVM scans the IT environment to detect vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability scanners are employed to automate the detection of known vulnerabilities by comparing the current state of the infrastructure against a database of known issues.


Once vulnerabilities are identified, we assess them to understand their potential impact on the organisation. This involves evaluating the severity of the vulnerability, the ease with which it can be exploited, and the value of the assets at risk.


We prioritise vulnerabilities based on their severity, the criticality of the affected assets, and the potential impact of an exploit. This ensures that the most significant risks are addressed first.


Our specialised cybersecurity experts provide recommendations for the most effective way to eliminate identified vulnerabilities. Remediation can take various forms, including applying patches, configuring settings, removing unnecessary services, or replacing vulnerable systems.


After remediation efforts, we verify that vulnerabilities have been successfully addressed and no new vulnerabilities have been introduced in the process. Magix CVM stores the reports and results of all infrastructure scans and provides a trending analysis to help you measure the effectiveness of your remediation strategy.


Magix CVM maintains detailed records and reports of identified vulnerabilities and verification results for accountability and future reference. This documentation supports compliance with various regulatory requirements.

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