Constantly under threat.

Websites, web applications and public APIs are all exposed to the internet in varying degrees. These entry points are key areas of vulnerability where hackers find their way into your systems.

A survey of security professionals showed that almost two-thirds of external attacks in 2022 were carried out either through a web application (32%) or by exploiting a software vulnerability (35%).

Static Application Security Testing (SAST), also known as source code scanning, is a critical requirement for any application security strategy.

Source code scanning.

Source code scanning is the automated testing of a program's source code with the purpose of finding faults and fixing them before the application is sold or distributed.

SAST (Static Application Security Testing) refers to technologies that check for vulnerabilities in the source code of the web application or API’s. SAST is a much more effective method for developers to detect security flaws or weaknesses in their source code and simultaneously learn the safest coding practices.

How Magix does it.

We provide tools to execute automated regular code scans that analyse the developers’ code and report on the syntax, methods or variables that will make the software vulnerable at runtime.

Source code is also scanned to determine compliance with regulations like PCI/DSS or to assess the overall safety of the code against industry standards like SANS Top 20.

We give developers the knowledge to write safer code and thereby strengthen the defences of the user .

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