Drive Performance.

Harnessing the power of user access and activity monitoring solutions offers multiple benefits for organisations. These tools provide valuable insights into employee performance, fortify legal and security stances and protect vital trade secrets.

Additionally, they ensure adherence to company policies and promoting a compliant and efficient workplace while recording vital information to be used in the event of a potential breach or fraud event. Employee monitoring solutions optimize your organisational performance and safeguard your business interests.

Forensic and Replay.

Our solutions meticulously record user activities on their local devices, promptly alerting the organisation to any policy breaches while also documenting necessary forensic evidence to support any subsequent proceedings. User activity monitoring aids in the detection of insider threats, prevention of data breaches, and assurance of compliance to industry regulations. Data from user activity monitoring and alerting systems provide invaluable forensic evidence to enable your organisation's ability to respond effectively.

How Magix does it.

Magix provides activity monitoring solutions that captures all user on-screen activity in a video format as well as accompanying meta-data like active application name, active window title, visited URLs, typed keystrokes, and typed commands.

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User Activity Monitoring

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