Constant cyber security threats.

Public-facing websites are constantly bombarded by bots and hackers trying to find vulnerabilities that expose your web applications to attacks like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Command Injection, Path Traversal and even enable access to your webserver’s infrastructure and critical data.

Once hackers gains access to resources via your website there is no telling what other vulnerabilities they will find to exploit.

Robust Web App Scanning.

The process involves a meticulous review and examination of web applications. This includes but is not limited to HTML and JavaScript codes, database structures, server configurations, and other related components, with the primary intent of spotting security loopholes and gaps.

We then advise you how to correct those flaws in the most expedient manner possible.

How Magix does it.

The process of identifying and remediating web application vulnerabilities involves:

  1. Find: Magix detects vulnerabilities in your web applications through scanning and testing.
  2. Prioritize: We help you to understand which vulnerabilities pose a real and significant risk.
  3. Remediate: We advise our clients which patch, block, or source-code change can be deployed to fix vulnerabilities at scale and in real-time.
  4. Monitor: We provide the tools and skills to monitor the remediation of existing and newly discovered vulnerabilities, and provide a 24x7 portal for you to monitor your current vulnerability status, your trend of vulnerability management, and all historical scan reports.

Clients Trust Magix for

Web Application
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