Complete Vulnerability Management

Our next-gen tool, aimed to deliver a complete vulnerability management service tailored to you.

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Magix Complete Vulnerability Management


Our Complete Vulnerability Management disciplines under one service, providing clients a robust set of defences and peace of mind knowing that you’re best protected across all areas of your business.


Application Protection

Identifying, assessing, and mitigating security weaknesses in web applications and their associated APIs.

Channel Protection

Our channel protection tools help safeguard communication channels such as email, chat groups, and online meeting tools.

Endpoint Detection

Protect your Endpoints with Extended Detection and Response, an advanced security solution that extends beyond traditional endpoint detection and response.

Human Resources

CVM includes security awareness campaigns and email phishing simulations, crucial in your cybersecurity strategy. Addressing vulnerabilities associated with stakeholders.

Infrastructure Protection

New vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and as the IT environment evolves, regular scans, assessments, and updates help maintain infrastructure security.

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Magix Complete Vulnerability Management

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