Comprehensive analysis of your firewall. Our expert-led firewall assessments provide a comprehensive examination of your firewall's configuration, policies, and effectiveness against potential threats.

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Why Choose Our Firewall Assessment.

Enhanced Security Posture

An opportunity to Close security gaps in your firewall and reinforce your network's defences against evolving cyber threats.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure your firewalls are fully compliant with industry standards, mitigating legal risks and potential

Performance Optimization

Improve your firewall's efficiency with recommendations aimed at optimizing performance without sacrificing security.

Peace of mind

Gain confidence in your network's security, knowing it's been rigorously tested and reviewed by
cybersecurity experts.

Our 5 Step Assessment Process.

Initial Consultation

We begin by understanding your specific network environment and security objectives, setting the stage for a targeted assessment.

Firewall Configuration Review

A meticulous review of your firewall settings and rulesets to identify misconfigurations and policy loopholes that could expose your network to risks.

Vulnerability Scanning

Using advanced tools, we conduct automated scans to uncover known vulnerabilities within your firewall infrastructure, providing a clear picture of potential entry points for attackers.

Compliance Check

We assess your firewall's compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations, ensuring you meet all legal and operational requirements.

Report & Recommendations

You receive a detailed report outlining our findings, including identified vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and actionable recommendations to enhance your firewall's security and performance.

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