The first line of defence.

Your organisation’s firewall is essentially the barrier, and first line of defence, that sits between your private internal network and the public Internet.

It is therefore critical to use accredited service providers to regularly assess your firewall configuration to ensure your organisation is getting the maximum protection and value from your firewall device.

Firewall Security Review.

A firewall security review, also known as firewall rule set review or risk assessment, is aimed at finding weaknesses in a device’s configuration, rulesets, management, and compliance.

It ensures compliance with industry best practices, regulations, and custom policies, and gives you piece of mind that your firewall is correctly and optimally configured.

How Magix does it.

A firewall assessment is a manual test performed by a qualified engineer. The assessment findings and recommendations are then shared and discussed with the client

Magix can provide you the specialised review and advice services you need to ensure your first line of defence is a secure one.

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