Extend your defences.

In the face of diverse cyber threats, organisations require robust solutions such as identity management, endpoint protection, and network security. However, managing the output from these multiple solutions can be overwhelming. This is where Extended Detection and Response (XDR) tools become essential. They simplify the task of organising security outputs, enhancing threat detection and enabling organisations to effectively prioritise critical cybersecurity events.

Unified cyber security.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a unified security solution that brings together various tools and data from different sources into one platform. Providing a single-console view of all threat activity, XDR offers enhanced network visibility and identifies advanced threats by analyzing data from endpoints, emails, servers, clouds, and networks. With its capacity for improved automation and faster threat detection and response, XDR minimizes the impact and costs associated with cyber threats, strengthening your organization's overall cybersecurity.

How Magix does it.

Magix protects your endpoints by integrating autonomous malware detection and extending endpoint detection to email and cloud channels feeding the endpoint, identifying instances of malicious content  and instantly quarantining or remediating them.

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