Closing Gaps in Cybersecurity Defences.

A cybersecurity gap assessment is an essential component of a proactive cybersecurity strategy, helping organizations to identify and mitigate risks before they turn into security incidents or breaches. It also provides a roadmap for improving the overall security posture, protecting critical assets, and safeguarding sensitive data.

Identify, Improve, Evolve Cybersecurity Posture.

A Cybersecurity Gap Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's current state of cybersecurity compared to its desired or necessary level of security. The purpose of this assessment is to identify weaknesses, and areas for improvement within an organization' cybersecurity posture.

The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between the current state of cybersecurity and the desired/required level to ensure an organization is equipped to meet regulatory requirements, mitigate risks, and enhance overall security posture.

How Magix does it.


Magix’s cybersecurity gap assessments begin by gathering all necessary information and evidence to evaluate against the standard frameworks, e.g.NIST, ISO, PCI DSS, etc.


Our multi-disciplinary team identifies security gaps and areas for improvement.


We compile and present our findings in Executive and Board Reports

Strategic Planning

Following our assessment, we engage further with our client to create a detailed roadmap or action plan that outlines how the organization will address the identified security gaps.

Clients Trust Magix for

Gap Assessment

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