Cybersecurity Assessments

Robust Assessments to Improve Security.

Risk, vulnerability and threat assessments, security audits, security awareness campaigns and penetration testing. We uncover weaknesses in your cybersecurity infrastructure, raise critical areas of risk and vulnerability, and recommend optimum remediation.

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Why Cybersecurity Assessments.

Magix provides a wide range of security assessments designed to give a summary and detailed view of your security posture. We assess your infrastructure, applications, coding standards, third-party risks and assess and remediate the security awareness of your employees. Our post-assessment and re-testing services provide deep insights into current weaknesses and provide an approach to prioritise and mitigate risks.

Companies need cybersecurity assessments for several reasons:
  • Determine if there are vulnerable areas that hackers could exploit
  • Analyse key areas and determine if there are potential threats
  • Identify risks and reduce the likelihood of future cyberattacks
  • Ensure effective cyber security is active to prevent intrusions
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations

What we do

Cybersecurity Assessments

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a specialised practice conducted by a qualified cybersecurity engineer that involves discovering, testing and exploiting  the vulnerable areas in infrastructure and applications to determine the degree to which an attacker can penetrate a system and gain unauthorized access to business-critical data.

Segmentation Testing

Segmentation Testing offers an essential layer for assessing the security of your network. As a manual penetration test, it assesses the effectiveness of your network segmentation in preventing unauthorised access from less secure to more secure segments. Improve your defences against lateral threats and verify your compliance with key regulations like PCI DSS.

Web Application 

Identify vulnerabilities that may expose your web applications to various attacks, including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, and Command Injection. Our expert advice on swiftly correcting these flaws help fortify your web security, preventing unauthorised access to your web server's infrastructure and data.

Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability management is a systematic approach to  managing your companies cyber security. Our scans identify, evaluate, and report vulnerabilities with recommended remediation to provide you with a consistent and up to date view of your systems.

Phishing Simulations

Phishing is an evolving and popular hacking method. We assist in educating your employees by expanding their understanding of cyberspace threats. Using realistic phishing simulations to provide ongoing education and evaluation for safe online conduct, we increase their vigilance and bolster your defence against such attacks.


Firewall Security Review services serve as a vital evaluation of your organisation's first line of defence. A comprehensive review identifies potential weaknesses in your firewall's configuration, rulesets, and management, ensuring they align with industry best practices, regulations, and custom policies.

Third Party Risk Assessments

Our Third Party Risk Assessments are essential in pinpointing and addressing vulnerabilities that could compromise your sensitive data through external partnerships. By evaluating the security measures of your vendors and suppliers, we ensure compliance and fortify your business against external threats.