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Pretect: Managed Cyber Security Platform

What is Pretect

Our next-gen technology, coupled with experienced cybersecurity engineers, delivers a robust vulnerability management service tailored to you. Experience peace of mind with continuous monitoring, insightful recommendations for swift remediation, and a secure online portal to keep your organization's cyber health in check.

One-stop Solution for Prevention & Detection

A one-stop solution to detect and prevent attacks on your infrastructure, reputation, and bank balance.

Birds eye view of cybersecurity health

Monitor the status of your organization’s cybersecurity health on a continuous basis with our online portal and library of reports.

Robust & detailed cybersecurity reporting

Continuous recommendations for the fastest and most effective remediation required for vulnerabilities, presented in a high-level, easy-to-read overview and detailed in technical and executive reports.

Vulnerability Management

Fusing next-gen tools with our expertly trained cybersecurity engineers, Pretect provides a comprehensive vulnerability management solution for external networks, Web applications, and internal infrastructure, where you only pay for what you use.

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Why Pretect?

Say goodbye to once-off licence fees

Pay a monthly, manageable fixed cost and gain access to the world’s best cybersecurity technology.

Continuous visibility

Continuous visibility of your cybersecurity vulnerabilities to ensure you are always protected.

Catered to your needs

Solutions that are catered to your organisations sizes and needs, only pay for what you need.

Access all reports in a single secure portal

Pretect includes a safe and secure portal that stores all your cybersecurity for quick access.

Access to cybersecurity experts

In addition to your portal clients have access to our wide range of experts for specialised commentary and platform support.

What's included.

After 20 years of Cybersecurity experience we packaged the most important elements in cybersecurity into Pretect. Providing a robust and secure platform for prevention and detection designed for companies of all sizes.

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