The simple answer to this question is: Always.

Companies and Organizations do not have to be “special”, or a market leader, or even listed on the Stock Exchange. Merely being visible on the Internet opens you up to several vulnerabilities.

Companies and Organizations are at higher risk because they have many employees, multiple assets, and, usually, exposure on the Internet in some form. An attack on their network could expose sensitive data, which the company is responsible for.

The need to secure networks and systems against cyber attacks has created a demand for cybersecurity experts and cybersecurity vendors. These have led to an explosion of knowledge, technical experience, and tools that can help shore up a company’s defenses.

Cybercriminals take pride in hacking computer networks and devices, and they are not stopping any time soon. The best bet is to put up a strong resistance against them and prevent them from achieving their goals. In an almost “comic book nemesis” twist, this is where the cybersecurity experts come in to give the criminals a run for their money. If attackers are good at what they do, the experts take it upon themselves to be better.

Every organization needs a cybersecurity partner on its team. A cybersecurity partner will provide world-class, expert services at a fraction of the cost the organization would incur to employ a resource with the necessary knowledge.

For the organization to determine who is the best choice, the main points below should be considered

  1. Expertise
  2. Technology used
  3. Pricing
  4. Market leaders

With these in mind, a company can make an informed choice and have an expert that can fit their company’s profile and needs without breaking the bank. Working in concert, the company and its security partner identify and remediate weaknesses ensuring the security posture is constantly tightened for the best defense.