Endpoint Detection

Extended Detection & Response (XDR) is included in the platform which extends beyond traditional endpoint detection and response

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CVM - Advanced Detection
Advanced Detection
CVM - Automated Response
Automated Responses
Cross Domain Analysis
Advanced Threat Protection

Our XDR solution uses advanced analytics, machine learning, and behavioural analysis to detect anomalies and signs of malicious activity across all monitored endpoints.

Automated Response

Upon detecting a threat, our XDR solution can automatically initiate responses to contain and mitigate the threat. Reducing the time it takes to address vulnerabilities and minimising the impact of an attack.

Cross-Domain Analysis

By analyzing data across different domains, our XDR solution can identify multi-stage attacks which exploit vulnerabilities in endpoints as part of a larger attack chain.

Reduce Alert Fatigue

XDR's integrated approach and intelligent analysis help reduce alert fatigue by correlating alerts and providing more accurate and actionable threat detection, allowing security teams to focus on genuine threats to endpoints.

Improved Forensics

Our XDR solutions provides detailed forensic capabilities, allowing security teams to investigate incidents more thoroughly and understand how vulnerabilities were exploited.

Additional Protection

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