Human Resources

Human resources are one of the most commonly exploited areas in companies. The platform offers regular campaigns to drive awareness and help educate employees.

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Phishing Simulations
Employee Education
Compliance & Responsiveness
Phishing simulations

We design the emails per client to test employees' ability to recognise and respond to phishing emails. These simulations provide a practical, hands-on experience more effective in teaching staff than theoretical training alone.

Identification of weaknesses

Security awareness campaigns and phishing simulations serve as diagnostic tools. The outcomes of these campaigns pinpoint specific vulnerabilities within clients' human resources and address them with targeted training.

Educate employees

Security awareness campaigns provide essential knowledge and updates about various cybersecurity threats, safe practices, and organisational policies regarding information security.

Improve behaviour

The ultimate goal of these campaigns is not just to inform but to promote a change in behaviour among employees.

Enhance compliance

Gap assessments help an organisation to focus on their areas of risk and non-compliance and security awareness campaigns help organisations comply with these legal requirements.

Additional Protection

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